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Americas #1 Online Outdoor Living Experts
Add Some Shade to Your Backyard

Add Some Shade to Your Backyard

Why Purchase a Pergola?

Pergolas Provide an extra Feature to get away from the sun during the summer or even just to fill up extra space in your backyard for your family to gather in! They can be used as shade for a dining area, to create ambiance for firepits and fire features, or even to create a perfect backyard hideaway to relax outside! 

Another important reason why a Pergola would be a Great idea is because it can become a work space at home for You! Due to the Pandemic most people are stuck at home and are in need for space at home for a designated work station. Moreover, it provides an area where you can work uninterrupted while enjoying nature.

In case you need ideas to decorate your outdoor pergola space, here's some inspiration!



Final Touchings

Why not create a little get together spot all in the comfort of your home! Whether its for adding a pergola to fill up extra space and get creative, or to take a different approach and take your work outside and create a work station! Let's get started by looking at our 9x9 Pergola by Aleko as shown in the picture above, or if you'd like a bigger one we also have a 13x13 Pergola!

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