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Why Get a Fire Pit?

Why Get a Fire Pit?

5 Reasons to Get a Slick Rock Fire Pit

1. Innovative Design

The Fire Pits are Made with Built-In Vents that help with overheating and enforce a ventilation system as most other Brands' #1 failure is Electric Burner Failure due to the improper ventilation.

2. Made from 15000 PSI Concrete

Not only are the products eye catching but they're also very strong and durable, but they are hand crafted with Durable Concrete that lasts a lifetime as they are also proven to withstand tests of Nature and Time. The Concrete is also High Heat Resistant for daily long interval use.

3. Shipping Costs

With the Purchase of One RidgdeLine Fire Bowl, it covers Shipping for up to 19 Fire Bowls to be shipped at once!

4. Amazing Color Selection

There is a wide variety of Color selection as we have 10 different colors to choose from! From a range of dull colors to vibrant bright colors!

5. Power Options

We have two different Power Options such as Match Lit, the most common way of igniting the flame, or we have an Electric Ignition System the most innovative and effortless option. 

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